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  • Every practice is mandatory. We understand this is youth level and not high school, however cheerleading is a team sport and frequent absences affects the whole group. 

  • If your athlete stays home sick from school, please also keep them home from practice.

  • Please notify either coach about an absence as soon as you know, and let us know about any planned prior commitments, vacations, etc at the beginning of the season.

  • If your child is absent frequently, they may lose their spot in a stunt, tumbling, pyramid, etc. If they’re not there the whole group can’t practice.

  • Athletes are NOT permitted to miss their Pop Warner practice or competition for any other practices or competitions.

    This form should be filled out if you know any practice days your athlete will be missing:

Athlete Conduct

    • Each athlete is expected to be a good and supportive teammate. Any bullying, teasing, excluding, etc will not be tolerated. 

    • Each athlete is expected to be respectful. To their teammates and coaches alike. 

    • Behavior is essential. Poor behaviors in school, on social media, etc will not be tolerated.

    • All athletes are expected to keep good academic standing

    • All athletes are expected to keep a positive and supportive environment. 

    • We understand that it can be disappointing to not be in the position you wanted, or not front and center. However, athletes are expected to remain respectful. Cheerleading is a team sport and sometimes the position you want isn’t the most helpful within the whole routine. 

Non Compliance

Non-compliance to these will result in actions at the discretion of the coaches, and if need be, the league. If everyone has mutual respect and understanding, we will be able to work side by side and create the perfect season for the athletes. 


Carver Youth Cheer

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